To address the challenges of real world outcomes, we at Molecular Connections pragmatically refine strategically searched systematically collected set of literature reviews to generate an individualistically highest form of evidence and arrive at carefully designed evidence-based study designs.
Key Services & Offerings 
  • Evidence Synthesis
  • Electronic Search
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Systematic Literature Review
  • Meta-analysis
  • Statistical Support
  • Medical Writing
  • Evidence Based Analytics Toolkit
  • Literature Alert System
  • Publication Assistance
Data Extraction
Refining of data and extracting outcomes from the given set of experimental and observational studies, Electronic Health Records, Healthcare databases, pharmacy/health insurance databases, case reports, etc.
Data Analysis
Analyzing the information presented and aligning them with the specifications, performed by analysts who are specialized to tackle pharmacology and disease area -based concepts.
Data Visualization
Providing custom-based outcome visualizers through Statistically – developed apps, including, but not limited to dynamic exploratory analysis/visualization (using R programs), Interactive meta-analysis & new clinical study design stat calculators.
Data Delivery
Easily integratable delivery of contents with flexible start-stop points, in compatible formats (review manager, .csv, .txt, xml & PDFs).
End Users Benefits
Evidence-supported new drug applications to regulatory bodies such as FDAs, HEOR and market access enablement for pharma sectors, Medical affairs and clinical development benefits for healthcare personnel, safety and epidemiological studies and research benefits for academicians.