There is an exponential growth in the volume of accessible data in the present digital world. To remain competitive in this environment it is imperative for any organization to identify technologies and workflow tools which not only identify data sources but also leverages the available information and provides actionable insights from the big data.
Since most of the data is available in the form of unstructured text, the problem that most organizations face is to provide a structure and derive value out of it. Molecular Connections technology platforms supports multiple cognitive systems through which routine tasks like data extraction, bridging,  modeling can be automated to drive evidence-based decisions for our clients.
Key features
  • Next- generation content extraction, processing technology
  • Scalable content management architecture
  • Accelerated time to insight
Molecular Connections is a world leader in providing tailored big data solutions for diverse needs of publishers, pharmaceutical R&D, life science researchers, patent professionals and information analysts. We leverage years of experience and deep understanding of content to handcraft technology solutions for our customers coming from different domains. Our proprietary technology services encompass the entire information cycle from content discovery, development to content based analytics & visualization.
Data processing and management services
  • Mine millions of documents to find entities and relationships of interest in diverse domains using state of the art text mining engine
  • Develop a custom text mining engine for a specific domain
  • Use our thesaurus/taxonomy/ontology management tools for structuring your content efficiently
  • Enrich content with metadata extraction and linked data technology for better search and discovery across silos
  • Develop rich analytics of trends on any topic
  • Custom Build semantic search and discovery applications on top of your content
Data Analytics and Visualization services
  • Network visualization for diverse entities and their relationships (e.g. proteins, molecules, chemical synthesis, documents, bibliographic information, people, place)
  • Analytics & visualization tools for information research (e.g. understanding trends in research on drug targets, patent landscape studies)
  • Display of enriched content on web interfaces/ custom dashboard development
  • Creating new products from content analytics
  • Usage analytics and visualization for improving sales, understanding content consumption and for making business decisions