MC Lexicon™ is a state of the art thesaurus management system developed by Molecular Connections, which can be employed build and manage information systems. The platform also provides a comprehensive list of APIs for interaction with external applications for identifying concepts, parent-child relationships, broader/narrower concepts, candidate terms etc.
Key features:
  • Ontologies across various domains
  • Web based application with support to all major browsers
  • User friendly editor
  • SKOS based architecture
  • Integrated work flow which supports
  • User roles
  • Multiple Project creation
  • Import existing thesaurus
  • Quality Management ( consistency, labeling, hierarchy)
Areas of Application
  • Physical Sciences
  • Food Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Select Case Studies

Enriching an already existing ontology of ~18,000 terms to ~36,000 terms for a top publishing house with a turnaround time of less than three months
Developing an ontology reflecting the content of the biomedical journals belonging to a top publisher and tagging the content of all the journals’ articles with the newly developed ontology

Case Studies