MC Identify™ is Molecular Connection proprietary author and affiliation disambiguation system. It facilitates identification of various author related components including co-author profiles, net output of a research organization of interest etc., and helps in referee searches.


  • Graph based backend system
  • Integrated APIs for
  • Biblio data extractions
  • Clustering
  • Supports both XML/non-XML based data
  • Integrated workflow
  • Release Management
  • Author/Institution Pages
  • APIs for external Integration

Areas of Application

  • Research Articles
  • Patents
  • Reports
  • Manuscripts

Select Case Studies

 A Publisher approached Molecular Connections to analyze the problem and devise a framework for dynamic author and affiliation disambiguation. The solution proposed by Molecular Connections resolved the problem by aggregation of metadata from a cluster of records to estimate the authors profile such as co-author distributions and keyword distributions, in order to predict how likely is it that a new record is “produced” by the same author.

Case Studies