Molecular Connections Technology Consulting services is a key differentiator within the publishing industry. Molecular Connections consults for industry leaders in technology transformation in order to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness, provide flexibility and reduce cost. Molecular Connections consistently delivers solutions that are implementable and tailored to clients’ requirements.
Molecular Connections innovation center works aggressively in transforming a customer / market insight into a demonstrable prototype / product within in short time to take advantage of on an existing market opportunity.
Key Offerings
  • Co-innovation platforms/ New-product development
  • Workflow solutions
  • Rapid prototyping and web interface development
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design
  • Visualization and analytics
We use agile processes for software/ application/ platform development and project management whenever possible. Flexibility, efficiency and collaboration are the three key ingredients of our agile product development process. We engage our clients at every step so that their requirements are met completely. A dedicated module to test the application through the development phase with continuous feedback on-the-fly, helps us create the best solution. Our library of automated tests ensures software updates and transition from one iteration to another remain bug free.