Molecular Connections provides a comprehensive list of pre-press editing services across the production chain right from typesetting to proofing, copy editing and indexing services.
Molecular Connections pre-press services includes
Molecular Connections processes client provided content and provides print ready content in any desired format. Our team of experts has broad expertise with multiple applications including LaTex, QuarkExpress etc.
Our scanning solutions are equipped with state-of-the-art tools for image capturing and manipulation. The images captured through scanning are processed (either keyed in manually or captured through automated tools) by the domain experts with high diligence data accuracy.
Content Conversion
Molecular Connections is a leader in the area of content extraction and conversion into custom knowledgebases. We also provide services for content into formats such as XML, EPUB, MOBI or other client desired formats.
Molecular Connections has been providing proofreading services to many of the world leading top publishers. Our team of domain, linguistic experts is experienced with various industry styles and they also proofread for the accuracy, the appropriateness of the content before it goes to print.
At Molecular Connections we are vastly experienced in indexing services such as author and name indexing, bibliographic indexing, chemical indexing, keyword indexing, abstract indexing and abstraction. The team is well equipped with experienced curators and domain experts who cater the varying needs of the clients. The content processed so far for indexing includes domains such as Engineering & technology, Chemistry, Basic Sciences, Social Sciences & humanities, Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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  • Molecular Connections custom developed a software service to convert articles from XML to HTML format for a top publishing house. The Software developed was state-of-the-art and has several key features including providing HTML markup, for the all the publishers articles (as defined by the publisher).

Case Studies