There is no universal solution for the varying content requirements of organizations and their internal teams, which is why Molecular Connections provides its clients with tailored content development, management solutions from public repositories, proprietary and third party data.
Our service provides you with
  • An efficient content production workflow which combines the best of text mining and expert curation
  • A workflow capable of handling different content format / types across various domains
  • Platforms and off-the-shelf tools to transform content for better accessibility, management and exchange
  • Tools for faster data validation – weeding out minor to major errors during data extraction
  • Future ready knowledgebases for any new content addition and update
The service also makes use of proprietary ontology management tools for structuring your content efficiently. The content within the knowledgebase can be enriched through metadata linking for better search and discovery across silos.

Select Case Studies

  • We custom built a reaction database for one of our clients by extracting information from journals and patent publications to enable researchers to plan and execute their experiments. Curation of non-English chemical patent publications is challenging, during the project we developed a workflow to maintain high quality levels in content accuracy and contextual relevance, which is impossible with just machine translation -although translation technology is constantly evolving.

Case Studies