Molecular Connections’ Gene-disease Networking (MC-GeneNetTM) platform employs a range of in silico methodologies using internally developed text mining engine, in-house knowledgebase (NetProTM) and proprietary algorithms to identify, analyze and visualize gene-disease associations.


  • Ready access to curated high quality scientific data
  • A comprehensive in-house knowledgebase of more than 200,000 manually curated protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions (NetProTM )
  • In depth systemic analysis of protein-protein interaction and network building by scientists with vast experience in the various disease domain
  • Customized workflows for comparing molecular models of disease pathologies and drugs mechanism of action
  • Extensive normalization of data offers ease of integration with client’s proprietary data
The models developed using such algorithm can be provided in multiple formats compatible with open source visualizing programs for further exploration at the client end.
  • Target identification / prioritization
  • Systems biology
  • Linking biomolecular pathways and indications
  • To elucidate drugs mechanism of action
  • Drug – repurposing
  • Pharmaceutical and life science companies
  • Academic labs
  • Text/data mining companies
  • Life science and healthcare analytics companies
  • Database providers