Molecular Connections – Great Careers begin & flourish here

An internship at Molecular Connections gives you a ‘real’ flavour of the industry.
What more? You learn from some of the brightest minds in the field of Science & Technology. To sum it up, it’s a unique opportunity to give your career a head start. Explore your passions and discover new ones by getting involved in a wide range of projects. Stretch your boundaries and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu’s famous words resonate and could not be more true than for our internship program- “ASPIRE”. ASPIRE, am sure, will prove to be the ideal stepping stone for a lot of people seeking to get their feet wet in the “corporate world”.

Mr. Jignesh Bhate, CEO, Molecular Connections

Starting @ Molecular Connections, what some of our interns had to say:

rutujaInitially it was really hard for me to understand my work. It being my first ever working experience I could not relate to things easily. It was difficult for me to understand my project and my exact role in it. But as time passed I became familiar with everything. Then work became interesting for me. Working with the Business development team, I realized how difficult marketing is. The fascinating and amusing advertisements and promotions are very interesting to watch but it really takes in lots and lots of efforts to develop it.

naimaAs a intern in Molecular connections Pvt Ltd, I could learn a lot from here. I could complete the project successfully. Working hours was flexible. It was a good experience and thanks to Sinoy, Usha and Lokanath sir for their support.


I had the opportunity to start off as an intern at Molecular Connections, and currently as a junior software engineer here. During my internship period, me and my friend learnt how to understand, experiment and implement various technologies. I worked under one of the best guides and am surprised and happy with all the work I did.

dharaniI am very thankful to Molecular Connections for providing me an internship opportunity. It was a pleasure working in the company for a period of 8 months; it provided an exposure to the company projects and expertise. I could improve my skills and learn many new aspects. I express my sincere thanks to Lokanath Sir and Usha B Biradar, for their valuable thoughts and guidance throughout my internship.
ushaI was welcomed into the Molecular Connections family as a project intern in the IT team. This internship stint in a small but diverse team has by far been the most fulfilling, fruitful experience and the start of an exciting career. Two years later, in the role of a Data Scientist, my days are filled with continuous learning and I hope this wonderful tradition of creating opportunities to budding professionals continues at Molecular Connections.

sumanI have been a part of Molcon since Feb 2015, I did my B.E project over here as an intern and now I am working here as a junior software developer. Experience as an intern over here was a life changing. I along with my two classmates were exposed to many technologies which we never have heard and the team working for an organization. Though newbies , none here made us feel so. Patiently we were taught and successfully we made our Project. I and my Project group secured highest marks in our class. My heartiest thanks to whole IT team for being such a support then and now.

aditiI am so glad that I got an opportunity to work with MC. It’s been a great experience for me. I got to learn many things from them and also learnt what the so called term “Marketing” is all about. MC is a great place to work with freedom to work; open to all your ideas and thoughts, friendly managers, great work culture are all the USP’s of MC. I never felt that I was an intern here for a short period of time. MC always made me feel a part of their family, “The MC Family”.

neetuAs a intern in Molecular connections Pvt Ltd, I could learn a lot from here. I could complete the project successfully. Working hours was flexible. It was a good experience and thanks to Sinoy, Usha and Lokanath sir for their support.

“We’re here because we share a deep sense of optimism about the potential of Science & Technology to improve people’s lives, and the world…”

Current Opportunities

Life Science Internship

Ability to understand food law and safety terminology.
Well verse in Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and text pad.
Good written and oral communication skills.

Bio-informatics Internship

Exposure to text mining and other bioinformatics platforms

Technology Internship

Exposure to real-world problems and industry working environment. Working on delivering novel solutions with no redundancy.

Show us what you’ve got, both personally and professionally !
Molecular Connections provides seamless avenues for innovation, exposure, learning and development and a sense of purpose through a strong sense of volunteerism.

Being part of Molecular Connections family:

In-kind donation drives: Periodically (annually or on occasions like festivals or company events) we collect food items, clothes, toys, books and stationery items for donating to local charity organizations, including Anatha Shishu Nivasa (a orphan children’s charity in our neighbourhood in Bangalore)

We also bridge digital divide by donating company’s used computers to local needy schools.

Run to Support: We actively support employee participations in local marathons like TCS World 10k and company donates money to an NGO associated with the charity.

Reusable cups for coffee/tea: We consciously avoid using paper/styrofoam cups for coffee/tea, instead we serve the same in reusable cups. Saves 400,000+ paper cups per year.

Dual monitors and think before you print: A one time investment in dual monitors and the active ‘think before you print’ policy saves significant amount of paper usage.

Solar power generation and minimizing electricity usage: Some of facilities generate solar power and reduce dependence on fossil fuel based grid power. In addition, our employees are conscious to switch off lights, air conditioners, monitors and other appliances when not in use.

Commute by bicycle or walk or public transport: Our delivery facilities are well located in a way easily reachable by walk or cycle or by public transport for a number of our employees. We actively encourage these modes of transport which are also economical and safer vs. private vehicles.

Liquid Gold: Responsible water usage: Both at work and at home, we encourage our employees to use this precious resource in a responsible manner. We contribute by using water re-cycling as well as minimizing usage. One small example: we have granite or other hard flooring which needs smaller quantities of water to clean rather than carpets

Red Gold – Blood donation camps: We organize periodic camps to enable employees who are capable and interested to donate blood so that same can be used by the needy individuals. We route this initiative through responsible charitable blood donations organizations to ensure health, hygiene and appropriate non-commercial end use.

Employee Welfare: We have health insurance to cover 100% of our employees along with the immediate dependents. We also run health camps, annual health-check-ups and need based vaccination programs for our employees.