We hand-craft High Quality Informatics Solutions with State-of-the-Art Technologies

We are a world leader in providing tailored informatics solutions for diverse needs of publishers, pharmaceutical R&D, life science researchers, patent professionals and information analysts. We help our customers in dealing with today’s and tomorrow’s Big Data challenges with confidence. We focus on solving problems encountered in different stages of research information life cycle. Our technology services span across content development, content delivery, content analytics & visualization to content discovery.


We strive for innovative solutions for positive business outcomes for our customers

Speed to Market

High speed development ensures your product reaches the market first

High ROI

Our high capacity software development centre is geared up to deliver world class products at a very competitive rate.

Our Solutions

Meet Today’s Big Data Challenges With Confidence


  • Wireframes, Mockups, Rapid Prototyping
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Testing
  • Application management


  • More efficient content production workflow system which combines the best of text mining and expert curation and can handle different content types across different domains
  • Transform content to desired format for better management, exchange and usability
  • Faster data validation for weeding out minor to major errors
  • Design future ready databases for any new content addition


  • Mine millions of documents to find entities and relationships of interest in diverse domains using state of the art text mining engine
  • Develop a custom text mining engine for a specific domain
  • Use our thesaurus/taxonomy/ontology management tools for structuring your content efficiently
  • Enrich content with metadata extraction and linked data technology for better search and discovery across silos
  • Generate meaningful summary from chunks of text
  • Develop rich analytics of trends on any topic
  • Build semantic search and discovery applications on top of your content


  • Network visualization for diverse entities and their relationships (e.g. proteins, molecules, chemical synthesis, documents, bibliographic information, people, place)
  • Analytics & visualization tools for information research (e.g. understanding trends in research on drug targets, patent landscape studies)
  • Display of enriched content on web interfaces
  • Creating new products from content analytics
  • Usage analytics and visualization for improving sales, understanding content consumption and for making business decisions

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Our Processes

Deliver Desired Results

We leverage years of experience and deep understanding of content to handcraft technology solutions for our customers coming from different domains like publishing, pharmaceutical, academia. We believe content is always the king and technology is a powerful enabler in delivering or accessing content. End users like researchers, information professionals, business analysts and others not only want great UI but also expect great content experience. Powerful search, responsive design, intuitive navigation and multi device access are the must haves in any content delivery solution.

Value Proposition

  • Domain neutral content enhancement framework
  • Faster market launch of new products & services
  • Better discoverability of content
  • Multi device content delivery
  • Engaging content
  • Scalable solutions for all
  • One stop content solutions – content mining, content packaging and content delivery

We use agile processes for software application development and project management whenever possible. Flexibility, efficiency and collaboration are the three key ingredients of agile process.

We engage our clients at every step so that their requirements are met completely. In this approach client gets to test the application throughout the development phase and provide feedback, which are incorporated into development and helps us in creating the best solution.

Our testing process consists of a library of automated tests which are done after every change in code. This ensures software updates and transition from one iteration to another remain bug free.

Outsourcing helps our customers to better utilize their precious resources in core organizational needs.

  • Access to large talent pool of technical and scientific background
  • Utilize your strategic resources optimally
  • Enhance speed to market
  • Lower infrastructure investment
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology
  • International quality standards
  • Lower operating costs
  • Faster migration to new technology
  • Better risk management

We leave no stone unturned to satisfy our customers by delivering high quality products and services as per their requirements. Our approach is benchmarked regularly against globally accepted standards and practices to serve customers better. Delivering maximum value to customers lies at the heart of all our endeavors.

Our Quality Assurance program has following objectives:

  • Exceed client expectations for innovation, quality, cost, and delivery
  • Provide latest technical solutions for creating great content experience
  • Strive to maintain zero defects in service or product
  • Quality processes are regularly fine tuned with inputs from customers and management review
  • We have stringent hiring policy to obtain best talent for delivering world class solutions
  • Continuous improvement of skills and infrastructure to meet customer needs

We are here to provide superior solutions to enhance your business!

Through Innovation, Quality and Rapid-Scale

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