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Molecular Connections Provides 360º solutions and deliver significant benefits in the areas that researchers value most.

  • Improve Access and Discovery
  • Enhance Quality
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Effectiveness

From pre-press to content mining and indexing, from content representation to enrichment, we provide most comprehensive, high quality, scalable solutions to the customer.

Molecular Connections is the largest STM Indexing and Abstracting company from India with a strong technology focus.

Our Solutions

• Typesetting
• Scanning
• Digitalization and XML Services
• Proof Reading
• E-Publishing
• Book Indexing

• Multilingual Indexing and Abstracting
• Custom Content Development and Content Enrichment
• Semantic Tagging
• Thesaurus Development
• Taxonomy and Ontology Development
• Author and Institution Disambiguation; Referee check
• Text mining engine and workflow development

• Semantic Search and Discovery
• Content Out-linking
• Rapid prototyping and Web interface development
• Mobile App. Development
• Visualization and Analytics
• User Interface and User Experience Design

We are here to provide superior solutions to enhance your business!

Through Innovation, Quality and Rapid-Scale

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