Launching – MC DiSCOVER

PRESS RELEASE | Bangalore, INDIA  November 2020
The world of research primarily depends on how easily the relevant content and its associated data can be discovered. For this very reason Publishers, Academia and Societies enforce maximum efforts to have content that is Web compliant and Searchable. Understanding the microscopic details on what makes and / or hampers your content discoverability, is the key to monetizing one’s content assets.
Molecular Connection’s state of the art platform MC DISCOVERTM diagnoses a content hosting platform and provides a well-rounded view of its content discoverability – considering, metadata, semantics, SEO, UI/UX and web standards compliance. It also provides a machine learning based explanation to improve the discoverability substantially. This AI powered tool encompasses the latest in search and retrieval technology, automatic indexing and schema-org compliance.
Speaking on the occasion Ms. Krishna K., Director Sales & Marketing, said “Having addressed many Publisher, Society and Pharma discoverability needs, we have institutionalized our learnings over 20 years of content management and have conceptualized a unique way of scoring content repositories on how searchable, citable they are. We then handhold content owners in bridging the gaps and improving their score significantly using the MC DISCOVERTM platform, which is proven to increase content discoverability by more than 35%, bringing highly relevant content at the forefront of researchers.”
Molecular Connections review of your current content platform will surely bring out a cost effective means to improve your discovery score.
Mr. Jignesh Bhate, CEO of Molecular Connections will be launching MC DISCOVERTM at the prestigious Charleston Conference on 5th November 2020, 5pm EST. It’s a “magic fix” to the content retrieval and discovery ailing the publishing world “
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