Bangalore – November, 2016
ChemPlanner™ is an award winning organic chemistry tool that is used to plan the synthesis of a new compound. The web application developed by Molecular Connections for the ChemPlanner platform facilitates the bridging of the distinct but complementary functions such as predicting the chemical reaction pathways and building synthetic pathways from existing literature and reaction knowledgebase. It facilitates multiple search options including drawing structures (via a molecular drawing tool) or by name/a unique identifier. The web interface also allows the researcher to either plan a synthetic pathway search or running a database search, connecting diverse knowledge repositories on chemical reactions into one master platform, easily accessible for researchers.
Mr. Vidyendra Sadanandan, Chief Technology Officer, Molecular Connections, added: “Our agile approach for software development ensured that testing, support, design, development and operations departments worked in close collaboration with Wiley seamlessly, to develop a state of the art UI/UX that fulfills the needs of thousands of chemists”.
Speaking on the occasion Dr. Dave Flanagan, Director, Lab Solutions, Wiley mentioned, “We are delighted by the partnership with Molecular Connections, which was critical in the development and launch of ChemPlanner™”.
Wiley’s ChemPlanner was awarded the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing, and presented at the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) Conference in London. Recognized for its powerful functionality and innovation, Wiley’s ChemPlanner is an inspiring example of how publishing is adapting to meet new markets and enhance research. At Molecular Connections we feel privileged to have partnered with Wiley in building such a unique product.
About Molecular Connections:
Molecular Connections is the largest Life Sciences informatics and STM indexing, abstracting company from India. Our 360º solutions deliver significant benefits in the areas that researchers value most. Over the past 15 years, Molecular Connections has been helping top publishers and life science companies in elevating the value of their information.  Our core business spans across literature curation, informatics, scientific text mining, analytical interfaces and database development.
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