MOLECULAR CONNECTIONS has the right solution to deal with author & institution disambiguation

Bangalore – October, 2016  

Molecular Connections partnered with a major life-sciences publisher to device a hybrid method to deal with author name and institution disambiguation – through its proprietary offering  MC RESOLVE

The strategic partnership has helped the publisher create author profiles with more than 99% accuracy. The workflow also facilitates identification of various related components including co-author profiles, net output of a research organization of interest etc., and helps in referee searches.

The metadata for the workflow was obtained using Molecular Connections’ proprietary text mining engine – MC MINER™, consisting authors’ (First-, Middle- and Last-name) and institution/affiliations from various data sources of interest to the publisher.  Each author record was further complemented with entities such as the institutions’ address, Digital Object Identifier (DOI), co-authors in the publications, public profile identifiers (ORCID, Publons, etc.) and funding history (grants) to create a comprehensive database around the author.

MC Resolve™, is a proprietary technology solution from Molecular Connections, which uses the fuzzy logic technology to disambiguate authors /institutions automatically and the “hybrid” workflow provides manual muscle to improve the accuracy of the disambiguation to more than 99%. Molecular Connections has generated an in-house proprietary database, which now contains a master list of more than 50,000 institutions (Academic and Commercial) from over 100 countries, and over 1,00,000 aliases.

Ms.  Krishna, Senior Manager  – Global Business Development, Molecular Connections added: “Our pioneering “Hybrid Solution” provides a superior platform over other existing methods giving an accuracy of almost  ~99.95%.  MC Resolve™ is an exceptional solution aimed at resolving Author & Institutional Disambiguation which has become a pre-requisite for publishers today”

About Molecular Connections
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MC MINER™ :  Hybrid suit for mining relevant entities with 99.99% accuracy   |  MC  LEXICON™ : Thesaurus master powered by machine learning algorithms –  to suit any big data requirements | MC PARSE™ :  Automatic and hybrid information parser for all content types

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