Bangalore, India — Indian Life Sciences Informatics Company, Molecular Connections announced today, the launch of XTractor Premium (, a new Knowledge Management Platform designed to enable Pharmaceutical Companies, Researchers, Scientists identify, verify and develop predictive relationships from PubMed Literature.

“The release of XTractor Premium reflects the evolution of our client’s knowledge management needs and our continued commitment to provide knowledge solutions which add value & bring better efficiencies in Drug discovery,” said Jignesh Bhate CEO Molecular Connections.

Leveraging the ability to transform DATA to KNOWLEDGE to assist experts is crucial to the success of drug development today. XTractor Premium offers several enhancements over the beta version in managing large volume of published biomedical data to accelerate decision making in drug discovery.

Data Search: One would be able to perform searches over the entire XTractor knowledgebase of 120600 relationships on proteins, drugs, biological process and diseases (which is ever growing). On an average more than 600 manually annotated facts get added to XTractor everyday, thus it is the ONLY Knowledgebase that gets updated everyday with manually annotated relationships from the latest PUBMED publications. 733 Unique Drugs, 2254 Unique Diseases, 7626 Unique Proteins, 1449 Unique Biological Processes. Hence in no time one gets to access one of the largest and the most current manually annotated datasets across the world.

Semantic Search Features: The first of its kind highly advanced search feature, where in one could query the XTractor Knowledgebase using multiple ontologies. This would enable one to narrow down on the targets at ease.

Concept Linking: Construct hypothesis from multiple abstracts and discover new facts and relationships, which are hitherto not easily decipherable.

Bibliographic search: Would also enable one to search based on author, organization or country.

Save, Export and Visualize: Provides the utility to save and export data in user-friendly formats. Integration with CytoScape provides better knowledge representation and visualization.

All these Premium Features are available via four licensing options; Academic, Commercial, Governmental and Onsite Installation. XTractor Premium is now available with an Attractive Introductory Offer for Academic Researchers. Subscribe now and save!

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Currently, XTractor’s user base includes Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bayerhealthcare, Celera, Cephalon, GSK, JNJ, Novartis, Pfizer, P&G, Wyeth, Vertex, USFDA, NIH, NCI, MD Anderson, Harvard Medical School, Max Planck, Scripps Inst. and many more.

About XTractor Premium

XTractor Premium, a platform for discovery, analysis and modeling of published biomedical facts. The application also comes with XTractor Premium Knowledgebase, the only knowledgebase, which provides “manually” annotated facts from PubMed on a weekly basis.
To know more about the advantages of the XTractor Premium and to register for a free trial account and a webex demo please visit XTractor Premium portal

About Molecular Connections

Molecular Connections is a pioneering In silico Discovery Services Company. It provides high quality, cost effective curation, literature informatics solutions and annotation services as well as products. Dr. Limsoon Wong is the Chairman of Molecular Connections. Customers of Molecular Connections include leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology, drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, medical technology, equipment companies and academic institutions spanning across the globe. In addition, Molecular Connections has powerful tool development, database integration, effective data visualization capabilities, specific expertise in building knowledge bases for rapidly growing needs in, ADME Tox, clinical, drugs, chemistry and patent industries.

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