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Customer Case Studies

Case Study 1: Biomedical Tagging and Ontology Mapping

Objective: To carry out manual tagging of Biomedical Literature

Client: One of the leading publishers, North America

Molecular Connections approach:
Molecular Connections (MC) carried out extensive manual tagging of content for the publishing house. MC houses a team of internal experts in the fields of scientific indexing which involved PhDs and Masters in the Life science/chemistry areas. The project involved paragraph level indexing and use of MeSH, UMLS and certain of the client preferred drug ontology. The work also involved linking out the report to the ontology pages. MC also carried out new term additions to the existing ontologies and customized it to the clients expectations. The tagging was performed in articles from journals pertaining to molecular biology, health sciences, diseases mechanism.

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Case Study 2: Analytical interface Development

Objective: To create an analytical user interface for content analysis and report generation

Client: One of the leading publishers, North America.

Molecular Connections Approach:
The client needs involved- integration of multiple proprietary knowledgebases - which involved text mined databases and journal databases which were indexed for metadata. MC carried out normalization of the content across all these multiple knowledgebases and synchronized the metadata to a limited set of ontologies. Following this step, MC IT competency team located the common cross talking points across these data sets and integrated the multiple knowledgebases.
MC also designed an analytical user interface - as needed by the client, to query and create reports from the integrated knowledgebase. The integrated content here pertained mainly to inhibitor names, inhibition concentrations, pathways, biomedical journals, toxicity information and much more.

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