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Information is rapidly becoming the pulse of major global Businesses and Research community. The new age consumer prefers to read more through the latest news and other information profusely available on the web. Compilation or aggregation of such relevant information for application purposes is not just complicated but also time consuming. The current need is for integrating all pertinent information from dispersed data sources onto a single platform.

Molecular Connections introduces MC Outlink, a unique service offering that captures, integrates and displays gene, disease, drug or scientific process information from multiple web sources on a single interface. It enables the user to obtain highly informative reports from dispersed sources such as web portals or databases. Combined with the latest news and research findings, it provides the user with numerous benefits and provides an edge over other search and clustering engines in the industry.

Key Features:

  • Integrated access to multiple public database sources
  • Integration of in-house and proprietary resources
  • Improved productivity based on up-to-date practice information
  • Reduction of additional time in performing web searches
  • Lesser time to market for research driven programmes
  • Increased diversity of web information
  • Multiple sources enabling better decision-making
  • Latest happenings and updates on topics of interest
  • Enhanced information querying structure
  • Improvised ways to query the knowledgebase
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