Get Valuable Industry Exposure

Get Valuable Industry Exposure

Molecular Connections offers internship opportunities to dynamic and motivated candidate. Projects are offered in various interesting areas  including  Technology (data mining, text mining, knowledgebase development), Life Science Informatics,  IPR and Publishing Services .  Opportunities may also be available in functions like marketing, new product development etc.

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Current Opportunities

Technology Internship  Programme

  • Exposure to real-world problems and industry working environment
  • Working on delivering novel solutions with no redundancy
  • Guidance from domain experts with solid scientific background
  • Timely project monitoring and discussions

Academic Background

Students undergoing master level academic courses including (not limited to) M.Tech. or M.E. in Computer Science, Information Science, Bioinformatics are encouraged to apply.

Expected Skills

  • Programming skills in Java.
  • Ability to deal with XML and/or MySql is an added advantage.

Other Conditions

Students are strongly motivated to complete their work within 6 – 9 months depending on their university regulations. Outstanding academic background will qualify for limited period stipends.

Students who outperform in their project will be evaluated for full time employment opportunities with us.  On a case-by-case, recommendation letters or references will be provided to students who wish to pursue higher education (Ph.D or M.Phil.)

All IP of the internship projects belong to Molecular Connections. Publication may be permitted with prior approval.

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