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NetPro™ is a comprehensive database of Protein-Protein and Protein-Small molecules interaction, consisting of more than 320,000 interactions captured from more than 1500 abstracts, approximately 1600 published journals and more than 60,000 references.

The strength of NetPro™ lies in the complete manual curation of literature. It covers several entities other than proteins as interacting partners, like RNA, DNA, processes, etc. with well defined, exhaustive interaction terms.

NetPro™ has received several accolades for the quality and quantity of data it contains. It has become an important resource for target identification, validation and pathway research and has subscribers from all over the globe including 3 of the top 5 pharmas.

  • Highly Granular Data content
  • Standard terms and exhaustive controlled vocabulary, mostly sourced from public domain
  • 20 species covered
  • 9 major classes of interactions covering both direct and indirect types
  • Kinetic parameters, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics values, dose response details etc
  • Hierarchical display of experimental location to sub cellular level and detection methods (90 unique detection methods)
  • Functional classification of proteins in Gene Ontology terms
  • A'molecule-entity-universe', a relational network of proteins and small molecules that enables relating different molecules
  • pfam IDs for domains
  • Regulatory (proteins/mutations/conditions/processes) and quantitative differences in interactions that facilitates comparative studies
  • Correlation of interaction to disease and also expression, mutation of genes in disease
  • Quarterly updates on interactions
  • Data could be accessed in XML format

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Licensing details:

Annual or multi-year subscriptions are available for NetPro™. One can purchase subsets of domain specific data of comprehensive modules. The modules available for Licencing are:

  • Drug Module
  • Cytochrome P450 Module
  • Protease Module
  • Kinase Module
  • Transcription Module
  • Channel Module
  • Phosphotase Module
  • Pathogenic Interaction (Virus & Bacteria) Module

For choosing or customizing modules contact or call us at +91-80-41205016

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