Announcing our new Database for Regulations and Compliance
Many people in the food industry and academia have reported that finding food regulation and compliance information is a huge challenge.
Particularly when working across geographies, regulations are stored in many disparate locations, making it difficult and time-consuming to locate the ones they need.
With our innovative information discovery capabilities, and IFIS’ expertise in managing complex scientific food and beverage information, combining our talents has enabled us to develop a reliable, up-to-date, and efficient solution to these essential information needs.

Here is a sneak preview of what our exciting new joint product will offer users:    

  • Every record is indexed in-depth using food commodity and regulation terms, so that users can quickly find highly relevant and reliable results
  • The database will have a range of filter options and a dynamic display panel, enabling users to efficiently drill down into the results list to find the information they need

  • It will be updated regularly, so that users can keep on top of the latest regulatory information