Bangalore, India – Molecular Connections Pvt. Ltd. today announced collaboration with Dr. Leigh Anderson’s Plasma Proteome institute to develop a biomarker focused plasma protein database curating published literature.

The completely hand-curated database aims at assisting biomarker discovery, by acting as an effective functional and diagnostic utility in assessing effective disease markers or pathological indicators.

The Plasma Protein database would be developed by Molecular Connection scientists in Bangalore curating thousands of papers on clinically significant proteins with their protein concentrations in the plasma under pathological conditions.

Dr. Leigh Anderson stated, “PPI welcomes the opportunity to use, and help extend, this general resource of protein information, particularly as it addresses the important areas of biomarker evaluation, prioritization and validation.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Jignesh Bhate, founder of Molecular Connections mentioned, “Molecular Connections would leverage its literature mining and curation expertise to develop the PPD. We are privileged to collaborate with Dr. Leigh Anderson and PPI for the same.”