Bangalore, India – Indian Life Sciences Informatics Company, Molecular Connections announced today that it has contributed cell line ontology to Bioportal

The cell line ontology developed in OBO format covers around 500 cell lines across various species, each linked in turn to major domains of interest for any cell line like the tissue of origin, disease association, if any and the species to which the cell line belongs. This has been developed as an extension of the sub class “cell line cell” which is a part of the major class “experimentally modified cell” of the Cell type [CL] ontology that already existed in OBO foundry. Disease ontology with which the cell line relates to has been exported from “Human Disease” [DOID] ontology and the organ/tissue details relate to the “Foundational model of anatomy” [FMA] ontology.

Ontologies act as a backbone for managing the Semantically indexed content. Molecular Connections speacializes in creation of customized ontology’s in the biomedical and chemistry areas.

About BioPortal

The National Center for Biomedical Ontology is one of the National Centers for Biomedical Computing supported by the NIH Roadmap. BioPortal is a Web-based application for accessing and sharing biomedical ontologies.

About Molecular Connections

Molecular Connections is a pioneering In silico Discovery Services Company. It provides high quality, cost effective curation, literature informatics solutions and annotation services as well as products. Dr. Limsoon Wong is the Chairman of Molecular Connections. Customers of Molecular Connections include leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology, drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, medical technology, equipment companies and academic institutions spanning across the globe. In addition, Molecular Connections has powerful tool development, database integration, effective data visualization capabilities, specific expertise in building knowledge bases for rapidly growing needs in, ADME Tox, clinical, drugs, chemistry and patent industries.

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