NetPro™ is the largest, most comprehensive hand-curated knowledgebase of small molecule interactions as appearing in literature. NetPro™ contains information relevant to drug interactions & metabolism, enzyme kinetics, potential therapeutic agents etc. Small molecules in NetPro™ are categorized as drugs, molecules with therapeutic potential, metabolites, physiologically available bioactive molecules, ligands, agonists, antagonists, enzyme activators, enzyme inhibitors, bio-hazardous molecules like allergens, carcinogens and toxicants. Apart from interaction details, NetPro™ also provides binding constants, kinetic parameters, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and other quantitative details.

As a part of the arrangement, CambridgeSoft will develop a chemical structure-searchable version of NetPro™ using its ChemOffice technology. The integrated product offering will add to CambridgeSoft’s growing family of database offerings, as chemists will be able to seamlessly search and retrieve information on more than 85,838 interactions for small molecules as published in literature. This number will keep growing as Molecular Connections continues to update the knowledgebase.

According to Jignesh Bhate, CEO of Molecular Connections, “Scientists increasingly want both chemistry and biology information under one platform. The rich information available in NetPro™ on small molecule interactions will significantly help chemists in their compound prioritization efforts.”

Michael G. Tomasic, President & CEO of CambridgeSoft adds, “CambridgeSoft customers world wide will now have access to the high quality content of NetPro™ through both web-based and in-house installations provided by CambridgeSoft. CambridgeSoft will deliver this important data using tools and interface that are familiar to the large CambridgeSoft user community and are typical of our other database offerings.”