Full integration of NetPro™ into BiblioSphere PathwayEdition Genomatix Software GmbH in Munich, Germany and Bangalore, India based Molecular Connections Private Ltd. announced today that both companies entered into a strategic partnership. As a first result Molecular Connections’ Database NetPro™ will be fully integrated into Genomatix biological networks and pathway knowledge base and analysis system BiblioSphere PathwayEdition (BSPE).

NetPro™ is one of the largest expert curated database of protein-protein & protein-small molecule interactions in the world and contains highly granular contextual data on nature of interaction, pathways, diseases, location, plus a wealth of pharmacokinetics information related to the interactions.

BSPE is one of the world’s largest databases of biological networks created from millions of individually modeled relationships between genes, proteins, complexes, cells and tissues. A unique combination of up-to-date text mining techniques for automated knowledge extraction and hand curation from biological experts with focus on transcription factors and gene regulation were key to success of BSPE. In addition, BSPE integrates results of genome wide DNA sequence analysis with a focus on gene regulation.

“I am absolutely delighted by this partnership with Molecular Connections,” says Dr. Thomas Werner, CEO/CSO of Genomatix. “By it we are able to combine the best of both worlds: large scale text mining and our expert knowledge of gene regulation with the unbeatable expert curation of Molecular Connections’ expert scientists,” he continues to add “In my eyes this is a perfect match. From all what I have seen, Molecular Connections adheres to the same rigorous quality standards as Genomatix does,” he concludes.

Mr. Jignesh Bhate, CEO of Molecular Connections remarked “We are happy to be associated with Genomatix. We believe NetPro™ will provide significant value to the existing and future users of BSPE.”